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A Special Glass Bottle

I love this time of year, looking at all of the New Year’s resolutions surrounding becoming more healthy this year.
I was just scrolling through my Facebook and I saw four or five different ads for superfood and green powders that you can purchase that you can mix with water and become healthier and more detoxified.
Why do we feel that we have to buy something to make ourselves healthier?
I have a solution that doesn’t cost anything, and it will make an immediate impact on you and have lasting results like detoxification, making your skin softer and hair shinier,it helps with digestion, and it gives you tons of energy!!!!
drink more water…
It is a simple as that. I remember recommending to my classes to drink more water after class, and I would hear things like “it’s so hard to drink more water, “ how do you remember to drink more water?”
Yet it isso much easier to buy green powder and mix it with water and Sludgeit down when it tastes horrible? I believe if someone marketed water, a…

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